Ant Jones

Ant Jones coaches the submission grappling classes at NEON. Ant started training in 2014 at Rogers Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Gosport under Martin and Aaron Rogers (affiliated under Gracie Barra Derby), where he received his blue belt from Professors Patrick and Stephen Martin in April 2017. Soon after, Ant relocated to Southampton and started training under head coach and black belt Trevor Birmingham.

A regular on the competition scene since starting training, Ant has travelled, fought, and medalled in all types of competition from local to international, with notable accomplishments at well-known events. He is also a veteran on the submission-only scene having competed twice on the ‘Battle Grapple’ show with a record of 1-1, amongst other competitions such as ADCC UK

Ant’s experience with the physical repercussions of frequent training on and off the mats led him to explore avenues of exercise practice which aided recovery, prevented injury, and promoted longevity, specifically yoga. In 2019 he became part of the first group of practitioners in the world to earn instructor certification in the ‘Yoga for BJJ’ programme from YFBJJ founder and BJJ black belt, Sebastian Brosche. Ant is one of just a small handful of practitioners recognised as being qualified to teach YFBJJ within the UK.