Pete Kingsland

Neon Martial Arts and Fitness Centre Pete Kingsland

Pete is Neon Martial Arts K1/Kickboxing coach. He started training American style kickboxing and Judo at a very young age, in Germany. He moved to rural England with his family where he lived most of his teenage years. When he turned twenty, he joined a martial arts gym in Poole. There is where he started teaching kickboxing and self-defence, while training JKD and competing into amateur MMA. He holds a record of six fights zero losses (6 -0) Following several injuries, he decided not to pursue his MMA career and focus on teaching and training different martial arts.

After six years of training and competing, he was awarded his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt. Pete is a very friendly and approachable guy. He loves the nature and enjoys cycling, fishing, bird watching and playing his guitar. He really enjoys teaching the discipline that he grew up with and he loves to help people get in the best shape of their lives through K1/kickboxing.

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