Neon Wrestling Crowdfunding Campaign!

Neon Martial Arts and Fitness Centre Neon Wrestling Crowdfunding Campaign!

We are raising funds for a 12×12 Olympic Wrestling mat and equipment needed for our dedicated grassroots program and Wrestling tournament.

We are Neon Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, a community-based hub that was established in early 2020 by coach Ahileas and coach Trevor in one of the most deprived areas of Southampton. 

Because of their passion for martial arts and the lack of dedicated wrestling programs in the South of England, Ahileas and Trevor decided to create Neon, were they hope to build the next generation of champions on and off the mats.

Community impact

Our academy teaches freestyle wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA to children age 4+ in our local community as an aim of keeping them out of trouble and off the streets through martial arts. We are the first and only BWA registered academy in the region.

Why are we crowdfunding?

In 2022 we started a freestyle wrestling grassroots tournament in the south of England so the local children would have the opportunity to compete and test their skills against other competitors from around the county. The event was a success and the feedback we got from children, parents and officials was a positive one.

Due to the lack of infrastructure and wrestling competition specific equipment in the area, we had to build everything from scratch. 

With the help of our students, parents, volunteers, and the coaches’ personal finances we: 

1. Trained 8 x Olympic wrestling referees 

2. Purchased first aid specific equipment/kit 

3. Red and blue wrist and ankle bands for competitors 

4. Whistles for the referees 

5. PA and display screens (rented/ borrowed) 

6. Podium 

7. Medals and certificates 

Despite all this, we have only been able to accommodate for 62 children to take part in our event due to the lack of competition mated areas.

In order to deliver our planned programmes and to increase the capacity for the 2023 tournament, we aim to purchase a full size 12m x 12m competition mat plus some other items necessary for a safe and professional competition environment.

You can Help us by CLICKING HERE.

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